October 31, 2020

Why Should I Use Dedicated Snow Tires? Do I need to go to dealership to maintain warranty?

Auto Care Corner
Auto Care Corner
Why Should I Use Dedicated Snow Tires? Do I need to go to dealership to maintain warranty?

Our guest this week is Paul Rivard, Service Manager and Master Automotive Technician. Discussions were centered around why you need to run a dedicated winter (snow) tire as well as why you never need to go back to the dealership to maintain your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

Snow tires are far superior to all-season tires for:

  • Driving in temperatures below 45 degrees. (i.e. all winter)
  • Driving on ice and snow
  • Starting distance is drastically reduced
  • Stopping distance is drastically reduced (6-15 feet) big difference between crashing and not

Winter tires are a softer compound that allows them to remain pliable in subzero temperatures which allows them to grip the road. All seasons are very stiff at these temperatures and have very limited grip. Snow tires deliver better grip to start out and to climb hills and inclines. They stop better on ice and snow and wet surfaces.

No matter what you drive, all-wheel, front-wheel, rear-wheel-drive vehicles….snow tires offer better performance.

Winter tires have a dedicated rubber compound for use when daytime temperatures are under 45 degrees.

Snow tires have a dedicated tread pattern designed to efficiently grip snow and throw it from the tire’s tread. This is why you see a rooster tail of snow coming from behind a vehicle running a dedicated snow tire.

Snow tires should not be run in temperatures above 45 degrees for any extended period of time as the rubber compound is very soft and pliable and will wear out very prematurely. Listen in to find out more!

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Misconceptions from new-vehicle owners is that they must return to the dealership for routine services in order to keep their warranty in effect. This is simply not true. Listen in to find out more!


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