November 12, 2020

Snow Tires vs All Season Tires

John is talking about the differences between snow tires, winter tires and all season tires.  This was our inaugural Facebook live stream of Auto Care Corner segment on Girard At Large radio show.

3:50 Three (3) Types of Tire Compound, All season, summer and winter.

5:20 Tire Tread design differences 8:50 What happens to winter tires above 45 degrees? What happens to all season tires below 45 degrees?

10:45 Installing 2 tires vs. 4 tires…don’t do it! You should always install 4 tires. Never install the tires with more traction on the front of a vehicle, ever! Listen to find out why.

(And don’t worry – it’s just the first minute of the video that was sideways. #maidenvoyage)


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