June 29, 2020

Not a “Fan” of Your A/C System?

Long hot summer days are here to stay for the foreseeable future. New England summers are short, but they run HOT from June to September with very high humidity.  We need our air conditioner’s to be running smoothly and sometimes that’s not as simple as it may seem.  Most people heavily rely on their vehicle’s air conditioning system to help them stay cool on those long, hot commutes back home. In a DIY world, scheduling professional service could be the difference between a short term and long term fix on your A/C system. Our professionals will have your car’s A/C running like new in no time at all. We have several important tips that we recommend you practice to keep your air conditioning system running as it should.

Your A/C system should be recharged every two years. We will perform a tune-up on your system, evacuating the system entirely, ensuring there are no leaks, adding the precise and proper amount of lubricating oil to all moving parts, recharging the system with the correct amount of refrigerant and ensuring that everything is working as it should.

The cabin air filter should be replaced every season or 15,000 miles. This filter stops debris, pollen, and dust from causing damage to sensitive internals in your vehicle’s a/c system. Google what a used air filter looks like and you may want to come in sooner than later. The cabin air filter is the first line of defense when it comes to filtering out all this dirt, dust, pollen, debris, etc from reaching the main cabin of your vehicle. The cabin air filter sits right inside of your air conditioning system. Too much build-up in these air filters will cause problems for you such as that gross musty smell. It will also impede the flow of cool air into the cabin, reducing the efficiency of your A/C system. When left un-serviced this can cause expensive damage to vital system components within you’re A/C system. The A/C cycle causes moisture to build upon this filter enabling the growth of mold. This smell won’t magically go away either, only get worse with time. Treat yourself, your sinuses and your car by replacing these filters on a yearly basis. Always remember to clear the debris away from the exterior grill of your car located at the bottom of your windshield. This will prevent extra unnecessary debris from getting sucked into your air conditioning system which could eventually clog it up.

We have a special warning alert of what can happen when you leave your car sitting in your driveway for too long. Rodents can start to look for a home and may think that your vehicle is a safe place to reside. In our Manchester store, we had one of our master technicians pull out 4 mice that had made a home in the cabin air filter area. The mice ended up getting stuck in there and could not find a way out. The customer complained of an atrocious smell and we found the picture below! Not a pretty sight or smell, yuck! This has been a very common occurrence lately as people are not driving their vehicle as much as they used too with the Coronavirus influencing our new daily lifestyles.

Check out our specials on A/C system maintenance right now and get it done while it’s HOT. New England summers are quick, but they are hot and very humid so don’t get caught sweating before that important meeting or event. Come get your money’s worth and repair your A/C system by a professional at one of our 7 locations.


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