Mobile Diagnostics

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Do you have a vehicle in your repair shop or collision shop that is running rough, stalling, or simply will not start? Maybe an airbag light or check engine light is on? A stubborn hard to duplicate intermittent concern? Many of these issues can be taken care of onsite. Our highly skilled technicians can diagnose and/or repair right at your facility with our mobile solution. There is no need to send the vehicle to the dealer.

ProCal Mobile Tech provides mobile programming, electrical diagnostics, wiring harness repair, a/c service, and much more to local collision centers and automotive repair shops in the Greater New Hampshire and Southern Maine areas. Our mobile solutions service area includes a 50-mile radius of our Derry, NH headquarters. Our goal is to reduce your liability and decrease cycle time so you can deliver the car back to your customers in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

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Our Mobile Diagnostics Include:

We offer a number of mobile services at your location including:

  • OEM level diagnostics
  • Module & Computer Programming
  • Security Module & Key fob Programming
  • Bonded Locksmith Services
  • Complete Service Documentation

Additional services offered at our Derry location include:

  • ADAS pre scan and post scan to verify no fault codes are present and all systems are functioning normally.
  • Complete ADAS systems scanning and calibrations
  • ADAS Diagnostics and Repairs
  • ADAS calibration and State of Health Report
  • Controlled Environment ADAS calibrations  

Wiring Harness Repair

Avoid costly replacement parts! We can deliver on-site results and take care of any harness issues you may have.

Electrical Diagnostics

Diagnostics typically involves checking each component on the vehicle to be sure that everything functions properly. It is critical that you identify any issues before your customer gets back on the road. Let our Calibration Center Mobile experts perform these vital tests for you on-site.

Dash Warning Lights

Whether you have a check engine light, air bag light, ABS warning, we have all the necessary scan tools including OEM tools to get your customers car fixed fast!


Save time and money by letting our Mobile Solutions team perform your R1234yf servicing, leak testing, as well as repairs on-site.


Replacing a headlamp in a newer model vehicle will need additional coding as well as a calibration.


Are you tired of sending vehicles to the dealership for airbag programming? We are equipped to handle your airbag replacement and programming needs.