Key Services

Key Programming

ProCal Mobile Tech is the leading provider of quality transponder key services in New Hampshire and Maine. If you need your car key duplicated or replaced, or professional ignition service, our expert team of automotive lock technicians can help.

Do your technicians have the tools and experience to perform key programming for every make and model? While they might be able to handle keys for the most popular car makes, some auto manufacturers make it incredibly difficult for anybody but the dealerships to program their car keys. Luckily, you have an alternative with the ProCal Mobile Tech.

Duplicate Car Keys

Advancing technologies in the automotive industry have made it increasingly difficult to find reputable key duplication services. ProCal Mobile Tech has the technology and expertise to duplicate a variety of car keys, including the latest smart keys.

We carry keys for a large variety of vehicle makes and models, including conventional, transponder, high-security, switch-blade, remote-headed keys and remote keyless entry. We can create a spare key faster than a dealership, saving our customers both time and money. In fact, many dealerships come to us for keys!

Planning ahead to have an extra key in your possession, will save you in the long run. Creating a duplicate from an existing key costs far less than creating a key when the original is lost. Duplicate car keys can be made in our shop, or at your home or office. Duplicates made outside of our shop are scheduled within a mutually-agreeable two-hour window. There is a one-time trip fee for keys made outside of our shop.