Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Repair & Service

Your Dealership Alternative

When it comes to getting your Hybrid or Electric vehicle serviced you can skip all the rest because we are the best! At Electrified Auto Care we are not only passionate about HEV, PHEV, BEV cars and batteries, we are passionate about providing our customers the best service possible. Our mission is is to provide hybrid & electric vehicle owners the best quality products and services available on the market today all at an exceptional value. We offer a white glove service with delivery and installation of our custom battery packs to your home or work ANYWHERE in New England. In addition to the more specialized high voltage systems services supported by our certified technicians, we provide a complete vehicle care solution covering all other service or repair on other traditional components of your car like tires, brakes, suspension.

While many parts of hybrid cars are similar to conventionally-powered vehicles, powertrain-related repairs are completely different and require specialized training and tooling. There are many more sensitive electronic elements in the hybrid powertrain than in a conventional one. You may need to perform hybrid repairs such as:

  • Electric Motor Testing/Replacement
  • Drive Inverter assembly testing/ replacement
  • High Voltage Battery Pack reconditioning and or replacement
  • Isolation Fault Testing
  • A/C Services (very different from non hybrid vehicles requiring specialized training and equipment)
  • Regenerative Braking System
  • Charging Systems
  • Balancing and Reconditioning of your Hybrid Vehicle’s High Voltage Battery requires very specialized equipment and highly specialized training.
Reconditioning Toyota Prius Battery Pack

Electric Motor Testing

Trained to test and replace your drivetrain motor

Complete Motor Testing

Motor Replacements

Professional Installation by Hybrid & EV certified technicians

High Voltage Battery Balancing and Reconditioning

Deep Cycle Battery Reconditioning

Deep charge & discharge cycles with cell balancing. This is a necessary maintenance procedure we do to your battery pack that is starting to show signs of cell aging and poor vehicle performance and gas mileage. Hybrid Batteries need tune-ups, too! This is highly recommended every 60k miles. Ask your local dealer about this and they will give you the deer in the headlights stare. The reason for this is because the vehicle manufacturers wanted to offer this service to extend the life of the battery but the dealers have a provision in their franchise agreements that they charge 40% gross margin on parts and so the dealer chose to replace battery packs with new ones to the tune of thousands of dollars in profit vs extending the life and performance of your vehicle at a much less profit margin.