Home Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Choose Us for Your Home Install

Electrified Auto Care will come to you for your home charging solution install.
We have 2 Wallbox chargers option for you in stock and ready to go.
We carry two different Wallbox charging options, the Pulsar Plus 40A and the
Pulsar Plus 48A. If you prefer an alternate charging option for your electric/hybrid
vehicle, we would be happy to install that charger for you (Chargepoint, Blink,
etc.) as we are not limited to solely Wallbox installs. If you prefer to just buy a charger from
us with no install, that is perfectly acceptable as well. This may all seem like a
complicated process but we can assure you that the setup is simple and quick.
Let us know if you have any questions and we would be happy to help.

Pulsar Plus

Electrified Auto Care has partnered with Wallbox for it’s in home charging solutions. With a compact size and powerful performance for faster EV charging, Wallbox Pulsar Plus can charge any electric vehicle on the market today and is ready to take on the biggest batteries of tomorrow. The Pulsar Plus comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls to help with simple, efficient charging, right from your phone. You can control multiple Pulsar units together on your phone at the same time, all through their app. An active network isn’t needed at all and the Pulsar Plus will still auto-optimize charge settings for you and your vehicle.

*Including Teslas using the Tesla-provided adapter.

No Surprises on Your Energy Bill

Cost management just got smarter with the myWallbox app and advanced features that optimize your energy use.

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Safe to use rain or shine

Pulsar Plus is UL listed to protect you, your home’s electrical grid and your EV battery, and it’s certified for indoor or outdoor installation.

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As Fast as Lightning

8x faster than a standard charger, Pulsar Plus can charge with up to 48A so even the biggest batteries charge at top speeds.

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Choose the model that’s right for you

Pulsar Plus 40A

Pulsar Plus 48A