December 11, 2020

Preparing Santa’s Sleigh (your car) for the Christmas Road Trip

Auto Care Corner
Auto Care Corner
Preparing Santa's Sleigh (your car) for the Christmas Road Trip

In this episode of Auto Care Corner, John and Rich discuss what you need to do to ensure your car is ready for a trouble free drive this Christmas holiday season. Considering items such as antifreeze (coolant), winter tires, drive belts, timing belt, hoses, cabin heating system, essential fluids like engine oil and transmission oil and the effects that cold temperatures have on these fluids. Some of those forgotten fluids like your power steering fluid and your brake fluid.

If your car has a timing belt and it is 6 years old or has 90K miles then it is time to have it replaced. Timing belts tend to fail at this interval especially under harsh conditions like cold winter weather or long road trips. Most timing belts are driven off the engine’s water pump and you should always replace the water pump at the same time as this will save you money in labor costs. The drive belts have to come off to do this job so unless they are fairly new, now is also a good time to have them replaced. The cooling system also gets flushed out during this service so you will be ready for harsh winters and hot summers.


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